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  • 寫給外國朋友的一封信

      Dear Henry,

      I am glad to receive your letter.Thank goodness, I just know today is so beautiful.I have completed the college entrance examination eventually,which make me amaze and relax.You know,I was tired of studying when you sat in an annoying classroom everyday.But now I am so comfortable and I will have a good rest in future.For example,playing basketball and riding a bike are my favorate sports,which can make me enjoy myself everyday.During the time,I also reading some world-famous books from which I will gain a lot of knowledge.Surely,I will accompany my beloved parents to my hometown or other places.Joining the social activities are necessary, from which not only I can enrich my experience,but also contact with society better than before,At last, thank you for your help.

      Best wishes!

      Li Hua